5 cultural quirks to know about Denmark and the Danes Copenhagen

Follow the rules

In general, Danes follow the rules, whether by paying their taxes, seperating their garbage, or waiting for the cross walk's red lights to turn green. So, if you see a sign in Copenhagen that says 'no bike parking', or 'no smoking' it's a good idea to pay attention and follow the lead of the locals.

A coconut culture

Danes are, in fact, a society of loving, loyal, and compassionate people. Like the sweet, insulated fruit of a coconut, it may take some time to acces the heart of Danish culture. But, ultimately, your patience will reap relational rewards.

The sound of silence

Day or night, summer and winter, on bustling shopping streets and on public transport alike, you can almost always find some peace and quiet. Unlike many cities, Copenhagen is a place where residents truly value the sound of silence.

Babies left outside

One thing you might see at some point during your time in Copenhagen is a baby (or babies) sleeping in a pram, left alone outside of a cafe or a shop while the parents are dining or shopping inside. This a actually a very common practice and is both a practical necessity (fitting big prams into the city's many small spaces is never easy) and a reflection of what a safe city Copenhagen is.

Winter Bathing

Everyone knows that Denmark has a cold climate: lots of wind and rain and winter temperatures that often stay below zero for months. But despite this, lany Danes are committed to the practice of vinterbadning (winter bathing). The locals say this popualr ancient ritual keeps the heart pumping, the skin glowing, and the mind refreshed.

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