5 icons of 20th-century architecture in Copenhagen

1) Bella Vista Estates

Built in 1934, the Bella Vista apartments were designed by Arne Jacobsen in an elegant modernist style and positioned to achieve maximum views toward the waters of the Øresund and to Sweden beyond. More than 80 years later, these flats are still some of the most exclusive in all of Copenhagen.

building bella vista estate

Strandvejen 419-433

2) Hotel Astoria

The Hotel Astoria, first opened in 1935, has long been an icon of modern functionalist architecture. Topped with a vintage Danish State Railway ‘hood ornament’, this unique piece of architectural history has recently been reopened as a boutique hotel.

stairs Hotel astoria

Banegårdspladsen 4

3) Finn Juhl's House

From the outside, the home of renowned Danish designer Finn Juhl is relatively unimpressive. According to Juhl’s modernist vision, it was the details of interior spaces that were most important to any home. Juhl’s home has been perfectly preserved and is open to the public.

interior Finn Juhl's house

4) Skovshoved Petrol Station

Nicknamed ‘the mushroom’, Arne Jacobsen’s 1938 minimalist seaside petrol station has stood the test of time. Originally developed as a prototype for a series of Texaco filling stations, the multi-station building plan never came to fruition, thus leaving the Skovshoved Petrol station as a truly unique work.

SKOVSHOVED Petrol Station

Kystvejen 24

5) Knippel Bridge control towers

Named after 17th-century bridge keeper Hans Knip, the green Knippelsbro (Knippel Bridge) control towers are Copenhagen landmarks. Standing sentry at both ends of the drawbridge that spans Copenhagen’s inner harbour, the control towers, designed by Kaj Gottlob, even show up on Danish 200-kroner banknotes.

Knippel Bridge control tower

Connecting Copenhagen Centre to Christianshavn

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