The 5 best places to BYOB (bring your own beer) in Copenhagen

1) Sønder Boulevard

Copenhagen has very generous laws when it comes to drinking alcohol in public. Especially in the summer months, when any spot in town can be transformed into an outdoor bar. One of the most popular of these spontaneous drinking spots is the tree-lined middle portion of Sønder Boulevard, which was converted into a belt of green spaces in 2007.

Sønder Boulevard during a sunny day

2) Dronning Louises Bro

This bridge links Copenhagen’s city centre and the diverse, artistic Nørrebro district. In recent years it has become the spot for the area’s students, couples, and hipsters to sit in the sun and enjoy a sixpack of Danish brew.

Dronning Louises Bro in Copenhagen

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3) Østre Anlæg Park

This park is a beloved local hangout of winding paths, rolling lawns, and scenic urban lakes. And in fine weather, this idyllic space is perfect for a long picnic brunch in the sun or an after-work ‘happy hour’ in the shade.

a swan at Østre Anlæg Park

Stockholmsgade 20

4) Svanemøllen Beach

This urban beach is located at the northeastern edge of Østerbro with views toward the evolving Nordhavn district and Sweden beyond. When the sun is out, this patch of sand and pier is packed with sunbathers, swimmers, and barbecuing Copenhageners.

 Svanemølle Beach in Copenhagen

Strandpromenaden 27

5) The Harbour Steps at Søren Kierkegaards Plads

The harbourfront steps, located at Søren Kierkegaard Plads, are one of the best fair-weather gathering places in central Copenhagen. Nestled between the iconic Royal Library and the bubble-like ‘Dome of Visions’, this is a cosy public terrace just waiting for visitors.

Harbour Steps at Søren Kierkegaard Plads

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