Can’t find your city in our series and feel like writing your own guide about it? Then read on to find out whom we think is the perfect author of one of our 500 Hidden Secrets guides.

You adore your city and know it like the back of your hand. You’ve been living in it for years, and are planning to live there for quite a while longer, given that we like to publish updated versions of our guides. You have a network of friends and acquaintances in the city whom you can rely on for a good tip. Because let’s face it, people who know everything are few and far between. While a good working knowledge of English helps, it is not a must. Our editor will rework your texts so they are fluent and catchy and a good read. What is important, however, is that you can come up with some original lists that are typical of your city and that you respect our deadlines. Still interested? Then send a mail to Dettie Luyten at and she will inform you about our terms and conditions and the next steps.

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