The 5 best bakeries in Copenhagen

1) Meyers Bageri

Meyers Bageri is the small chain of organic, artisanal bread and pastry shops scattered throughout Copenhagen that originate with Claus Meyer, one of Denmark’s culinary superstars. But rather than succumbing to rapid over-commercialisation, the Meyers bakeries have stayed small, local, and committed to quality.

Brownies from Meyers Bageri

Jægersborggade 9

+45 2510 1134

2) Bageriet Brød

Trendy Vesterbro’s hippest organic bakery is only a few years old but already feels like an essential part of the neighbourhood. Brød’s lovingly crafted rustic breads are highly recommended.

Bageriet Brød bakery in Copenhagen

Enghave Plads 7

+45 3322 8007

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3) Sankt Peders Bageri

Sankt Peders Bageri is a relatively lowkey place with a traditional vibe. But what makes this bakery so special is their beloved Onsdag sneglen (Wednesday cinnamon rolls), of which they bake 4000 each week. Tip: arrive early and buy two.

Sankt Peders Bageri in Copenhagen

Sankt Peders Stræde 29

+45 3311 1129

4) Hart Bageri

Founded by Noma’s René Redzepi and Richard Hart (of Tartine Bakery in San Francisco), this tiny space has garnered a huge following among the breadobsessed locals. Although more expensive than your typical bakery, here you can really taste the quality and the creativity that goes into every loaf and pastry.

almond croissants by Hart Bageri Copenhagen

5) Juno the Bakery

Since opening in early 2018, Juno has been the most talked about bakery in Copenhagen. Founded by a Noma-trained chef, Juno is a friendly neighbourhood spot whose specialty is their gooey (and totally addictive) cardamom snurrer – a Swedish twist on the classic Nordic sweet cinnamon swirl.

Århusgade 48

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