The 5 most authentic Danish-style hot dogs in Copenhagen

1) John's Hotdog Deli

John’s Deli is the spot to grab a traditional hotdog in the city’s hippest foodie district. John’s makes top-quality hot dogs (unofficially the national food of Denmark) that feature fresh ingredients, homemade sauces, and thoughtfully sourced meats.

food from John's Hotdog Deli

Flæsketorvet 39

+45 3132 5848

2) Harry's Place

For over 50 years, Harry’s Place has been serving the classic Copenhagen-style hot dogs to commuters, workers, and at least two Danish prime ministers. The highlight of their menu is the large ‘Børge’ sausage, which locals say is best enjoyed with Harry’s special ‘gunpowder sauce’ and a glass of chocolate milk.

Hotdog stand Harry's place

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3) Flyvergrillen

This fast-food diner offers a front-row seat for take-offs and landings at Copenhagen airport. Inside, you can devour burgers, hot dogs, and meatballs at plastic tables, or choose the benches outside to watch the real things in action. There’s also a playground for kids.

Exterior of Flyvergrillen

4) Den Økologiske Pølsemand

Known by locals as DØP, this award-winning eatery has distinguished itself as a new kind of Danish hot dog wagon, serving food made exclusively with 100% organic ingredients. Find DØP hot dog wagons near The Round Tower and Helligaandskirken (Church of the Holy Spirit).

hotdog from Den økologiske Pølsemand

5) Nyhavn Pølsevogns

One of the most picturesque views of Copenhagen is certainly the colourful buildings, boats, and bicycles of Nyhavn. But along with the historic architecture and tourist bars, Nyhavn is also home to several quality pølsevogns (sausage wagons). At Nyhavn, they all make delicious hot dogs, so you can’t go wrong. Just remember to enjoy the view as well.

Nyhavns Polsevogns in Copenhagen

near Kongens Nytorv Metro Station

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