The 5 local specialities you must eat in Ghent Ghent


Found at Bakkerij Gentsche Koekedoos, bij Patrick en Claudine

Goudstraat 31

+32 (0)9 225 43 00

This is an old Ghent speciality traditionally eaten during festivals. It consists of a light bun cut in half and spread with cinnamon, butter and brown sugar. The two halves are then covered in aluminium foil and flattened with an iron. 


Found at the Groentenmarkt

These strange soft red sweets shaped like noses are based on an old recipe dating from 1873. Sometimes called cuberdons, they consist of a hard outer shell enclosing a dark, drippy raspberry syrup. They are sold at two wooden carts near the Gravensteen. Each one claims to be the best, but it's hard to see any difference.

Gentse waterzooi

Served at Georges IV

Donkersteeg 23

+32 (0)9 225 19 18

This is an old Ghent fish stew orginally made with river fish caught in the Leie and the Scheldt. But it can also be done using chicken. Every chef has a different recipe, but the basic idea is to cut up potatoes, celery, carrot and leek and simmer with fish or chicken in a creamy broth.

Gentse stoverij

Served at 't Vosken

Sint-Baafsplein 19

+32 (0)9 225 73 61

This rich dark stew is made with beef cooked in dark Flemish beer and flavoured with Tierenteyn mustard. Served with frites, it is the perfect dish for a winter day. The Belfort Restaurant in the city centre makes its stoverij using organic meat and dark Leffe beer.


Found at Café Molotov

Voetweg 48

+32 (0)488 35 58 47

A unique Ghent aperitif sold in distinctive bottles with round bases. It was invented some years ago by the brothers Maarten and Jeroen Roomer using an old recipe for elderflower wine passed down by their grandmother.

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