The 5 best places to eat in Chinatown Antwerp

Ting Kee Mie

Van Wesenbekestraat 5

Station Quarter 

+32 (0)477 37 22 87


Everyone gets a cheerful welcome in this plain Chinatown noodle bar near the station. Popular with local Chinese workers, it can get crowded at lunchtime. The kitchen serves authentic street food, including steaming bowls of thick noodle soup served with fresh vegetables and plump wonton dumplings. Closed in the evening.

Fong Mei

Van Arteveldestraat 65

Station Quarter

+32 (0)3 225 06 54

This Chinese restaurant does not look too promising. It has rather old furniture, stacks of wine boxes lying around and a single photograph of Hong Kong at night for decoration. But don’t be put off. This is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the country, especially if you are on the hunt for authentic dim sum. The chef learned his craft in Hong Kong and prepares each dish with exceptional care. Some wonderful sensations are produced (try number 12). And the people who work here are charming. 


Van Wesenbekestraat 44

Station Quarter 

+32 (0)3 233 25 78 

This modest Chinese restaurant looks old-fashioned, but the food is outstanding. The chef works in a little brick cabin at the front, creating delicious authentic dishes like Singapore- style fried rice noodles and beef tripe with ginger. The waitress greets you with a friendly smile and warns about spicy dishes. 

Taiwan Tai

Van Arteveldestraat 3

Station Quarter

+32 (0)3 233 26 96

This friendly Thai restaurant is one of Chinatown's best-kept secrets. Hidden among the Chinese restaurants, it has an informal canteen look. But locals and Thais come here regularly for the authentic atmosphere and delicious Bangkok-style street food.

Lung Wah

Van Wesenbekestraat 38

Station Quarter 

+32 (0)3 297 82 58 

The place is a mess, with piles of paperwork, unwashed dishes, stacks of Euro Dragon News (the local Chinese newspaper). You squeeze past the kitchen to get into the dining room. A television is tuned to a Chinese reality show. You might think that this is a place to avoid. But exceptional things happen in the kitchen. You should try the crispy Peking duck, or the pork with fried noodles. You soon forget the mess.