The 5 best bakeries in Antwerp

1) Domestic

You can smell the baking bread long before you reach this smart white bakery near the railway viaduct. Created by the owners of Dôme on the opposite side of the street, it sells several varieties of bread, along with croissants and lemon tarts. They have a second location on Lange Gasthuisstraat where they also serve high tea. 

freshly baked breads displayed at Domestic bakery

2) Goossens

Founded in 1884, this traditional bakery has a beautiful interior with a tiled floor and marble counter. It is famous for its raisin bread, which is piled high in the window. It also makes biscuits and cheesecake. But the shop is small. Four people can just about squeeze inside. Everyone else must wait patiently outside in the rain. Dries Van Noten sometimes stops here on his way to the office, but even he has to wait outside.

 street frond and window of Goossens bakery

Korte Gasthuisstraat 31

+32 (0)3 226 07 91

3) Kleinblatt

Look for the neon sign. That’s Kleinblatt’s. For more than 100 years, people have been coming to this kosher bakery in the Jewish quarter for sesame seed bread, bagels and cakes. Kleinblatt also make delicious Sachertorte and cheesecake, along with special cakes for Jewish festivals.

pastry with blue berries from Kleinblatt bakery

4) Steinmetz

This little kosher bakery near the railway viaduct has been around since 1967. The main reason to come here is for the cheesecake, which is made in large metal trays. You might also want to try the Jewish chocolate and buttercream cookies.

donuts baked at the Steinmetz bakery

Lange Kievitstraat 64

+32 (0)3 234 09 47

5) Bakker Aldo

A brother and sister took over this acclaimed Antwerp bakery in 2019. But they have changed nothing. You can still pick up an authentic sourdough bread baked the slow way using nothing more than flour, salt and water. Or cycle across town on a Sunday morning for a freshly-baked baguette and a bag of perfect croissants.

bread aldo bakery

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