5 bookshop cafés Madrid

Swinton and Grand

Miguel Servet 21
+34 914 496 128

Swinton is the gallery dedicated to contemporary art and Grant is the bookstore for books on urban art, contemporary art, comics and graphic novels. You will find them both in an industrial building in Lavapies district. The café on the ground floor is called ‘Cuiadando Grant’.

Tipos Infames

San Joaquín 3
+34 915 228 939

The ‘Infamous Types’ are Alfonso, Gonzalo and Francisco. Their bookstore specialises in independent literature and organises various activities including exhibitions, tastings and reading sessions. Coffee and wine are firm favourites in this café, with tables arranged among the bookshelves.

La Fabrica

Alameda 9
+34 912 985 523

This multidisciplinary space has a café, a gift shop with a great selection of art books and a photography gallery. Ever since it opened in 1995, La Fabrica has developed cultural projects that add value to our society. Disciplines they favour for their projects, are photography and the visual arts, literature, cinema, music and the performing arts.

Ocho Y Medio

Martín de los Heros 11
+34 915 590 628

The specialist for cinema buffs with books, scripts, journals and essays. There are two cafes onsite: Via Margutta and El Gatopardo. In summer, they also have a great terrace in Calle Martín. The Italian tramezzini sandwiches are a must-eat at Via Margutta.

La Central - El Bistró

Postigo de San Martín 8
+34 917 909 970

Located in a 1200-square metre palace, La Central has an inventory of more than 70.000 volumes and specialises in philosophy, history, social sciences and literature. Other occupants of this 3-storey building include a café-restaurant (El Bistró) and a cocktail bar (El Garito). They also host various cultural activities.

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