5 cool shops for sunglasses in Madrid

1) Ulloa Optico

The Serrano shop of Ulloa was refurbished by Isabal López Vilalta in an ultra-modern, minimalist and industrial style. The history of Ulloa Optico starts in 1919 and nowadays they have 23 shops around Spain. Their sunglass brands include classics such as Ray-Ban and Persol along with the stunning designs of Chanel, Chopard or Dior.

window of Ulloa Optico

2) Óptica Toscana

Where seeds and spices used to be sold in 1881, you can now buy shades from such sought-after brands as Illesteva, Mykita or the artistic shades of Anna-Karin Karlsson. Óptica Toscana was founded in 1992 and has since become a frontrunner in fashionable eyewear.

glasses at the Optica Toscana store

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3) L'Atelier Óptica

Halfway between a workshop and an art gallery, L’Atelier Óptica is located in the Las Letras neighbourhood, combining Nordic style with industrial rationalism. The cosmopolitan and restless customers who are eager to stay on top of the trends come here for corrective glasses and sunglasses.

glasses at L'Atelier Optica

4) Blanche & Mutton

In an immaculately white store, Blanche & Mutton are dedicated to offering the most individualised and effective optometric care for specific visual needs. They sell the coolest and most fashionable brands and have created their own designs under the name of Dr. Mutton. The Bianca model is especially elegant.

Blanche & Mutton optics in Madrid

5) Óptica Caribou

At Caribou, you will find a selection of handmade sunglasses from niche brands catering to those who are looking for a sophisticated albeit traditional style. At Óptica Caribou they sell international brands that are a reference in the world of sunglasses like Valley (Australia), SUPER (Italy) and Illesteva (USA).

glasses in display at Optica Caribou

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