5 jewellery shops for all budget in Madrid

1) Aristocrazy

Aristocrazy has taken the lead when it comes to making high quality jewellery affordable. Here you can buy pretty fashion jewellery at a very reasonable price. They are the leaders in fashion jewellery, and always on top of the latest trends. Their beautifully decorated shops could teach the big brands a thing or two.

Aristocray jewellery shop

2) Suarez

Founded in 1943 in Bilbao, Suarez opened its first Madrid shop in 1982. Since then, Suarez has been a reference for precious gems and has been known for selecting the best diamonds and pearls for their designs. The wedding rings of the current King and Queen of Spain were created by Suarez.

exhibition of jewels by Suarez

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3) Apodemia

Inspired by nature, Apodemia’s jewels are a tribute to the Apodemia butterfly that migrates from Brazil to Canada. The jewellery is romantic, feminine and made to be worn every day. Their shops hint at their source of inspiration with a splendid use of vegetation.

Apodemia jewellery store in Madrid

4) Malababa

The first Madrid store opened in 2010 but Malababa has been creating beautiful accessories and jewellery since 1997. Her style is pure and minimalist. She adds a new twist to all of her creations every season. Leather is one of her favourite materials to work with, which she uses in various forms and colours to create unique pieces.

three pairs of earrings at Malababa store

5) Andres Gallardo

This is the most avant-garde and original Spanish jeweller. Originally from Murcia he has a strong fan base of international trendsetters in the fashion and movie industry. Porcelain is broken into pieces, polished and re-assembled into subjective and surrealistic compositions.

bracelet with a lemon design from Andres Gallardo

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