5 hipper than hip hotels in Berlin

1) Michelberger Hotel

The main clientele of this eco shabby chic hotel consists of models, artists and media people as well as techno-clubbers. Check their Facebook-page for pop-up-concerts by stars like Damien Rice or Arcade Fire. Most of the rooms in this budget boutique hotel are very small.

the lobby of Michelberger Hotel

Warschauer Strasse 39-40, Friedrichshain

+49 (0)30 2977 8590



2) 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Former West Berlin was never considered really trendy, but that has started to change with the opening of the Bikini shopping mall and the 25hours Hotel Bikini. The rooms in the hotel are very modern and glossy and all have huge windows so you can enjoy the great view on the zoo.

hipster design at the 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

Budapester Strasse 40, Tiergarten

+49 (0)30 1202 210



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3) Soho House Berlin

Soho House is the favourite hotel of the rich and famous. From the Soho shop to the rooftop terrace (8 floors), everything in this New Objectivity building is redolent of creativity, art and design. Just don’t forget that you need to be a member to book a room.

Damien Hirst art at the Soho House Berlin

4) Hüttenpalast

An urban camping, that’s maybe the best way to describe this unique hotel installed in a former vacuum factory. The old warehouse offers plenty of space for a number of caravans and wooden cabins that all have been beautifully decorated by the owners Silke and Sarah.

Berlin - Huttenpalast

Hobrechtstrasse 65-66, Neukölln

+49 (0)30 3730 5806



5) Almodóvar

This beautiful design hotel was named after the extravagant Spanish film director. It’s Berlin’s first vegetarian organic hotel; its restaurant Bistro Bardot is also open to non-guests. All rooms have yoga mats, TV and Internet.

a two person bedroom at the Almodovar Hotel in Berlin

Boxhagener Strasse 83, Friedrichshain

+49 (0)30 6920 97080



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