The 5 best cheap ho(s)tels in Berlin

1) The Circus Hostel

The Circus Hostel is not only cheap but also nicely designed and it offers good and professional service. There are a few private single rooms for guests who don’t like sleeping in a dormitory. They also have an in-house bar, a cafe and even their own brewery. If you’re looking for a bit more luxury book a room at The Circus Hotel (without the ‘s’) on the other side of the Rosenthaler Platz.

people having a drink at circus hostel

2) Generator

The Oranienburgerstrasse used to be the heart of the alternative Mitte district but these days it’s rather difficult to find a bar or restaurant with a heart here. Fortunately there are still some exceptions like the shabby X-terrain bar or the little Thai restaurant called Kamala. The Generator itself is a very well designed hostel that offers all modern facilities.

hip interior with wood at Generator Hostel in Berlin

Oranienburgerstrasse 65, Mitte

+49 (0)30 9210 37680


3) Wombat's City Hostel Berlin

This super nicely designed (by one of the owners) hostel is located straight on the Rosa-Luxemburg Platz – the square that features the famous theatre the Volksbühne. The location is ideal for shopping addicts and there are lots of excellent restaurants and coffee bars close by.

Berlin - Wombat's City hostel

4) Pension 11.Himmel

Marzahn is traditionally a poor district in former East Berlin and has a lot of Plattenbau: the German term for the concrete prefab apartments that were built under the communist regime. It’s still an absolutely non-hip but therefore also authentic part of Berlin. The pension has a lot in common with the Ostel (see secret 433) but it’s more genuine and a lot smaller. The owners claim to give you the ‘total Plattenbau experience’ during your stay.

authentic interior of the Pension 11Himmel in Berlin

Wittenberger Strasse 85, Marzahn

+49 (0)30 9377 2052


5) Singer109

This hostel in itself isn’t very special but it has a very nice atrium and a perfect location if you like to go out dancing in clubs like Yaam, Kater Blau or others near the river Spree in Friedrichshain: it’s so close by you can crawl back to your dorm if the night was a little bit too heavy.

Berlin - Singer109

Singerstrasse 109, Friedrichshain

+49 (0)30 7477 5028

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