5 wonderful things to show kids Barcelona

Magic Fountains

Plaça Charles Buïgas 1


A water and music show starring all the fountains on Montjuïc. Yes, it's kitchy, the water moving to Also sprach Zaratustra, followed by a Queen classic. But you can't deny it's often impressive and the large crowd inevitably gets mesmerized. Different timetables in winter and summer, so do check the website.

Chocolate Museum

Carrer del Comerç 36

+34 (0)93 268 78 78


Situated right next to a bakery school, this museum will enlighten you on the production process of chocolate, before tempting you with its large chocolate store. Expect to gain more calories than you burn here.

Catalunya en Miniatura

Can Balasch de Baix

Torrelles de Llobregat

+34 (0)93 689 09 60

You'll have to leave town for this one, but Torrelles de Llobregat is not that far away. Paradoxically, this miniature park is one of the biggest in the world: 60,000 square metres of mini Catalonian buildings, including everything by Gaudi, Camp Nou, and the amazing Montserrat Mountains.

Poble Espanyol

Avinguda Francesc

Ferrer i Guardia 13

+34 (0)93 508 63 00


Built for the 1929 World Fair, Poble Espanyol is an open-air museum, with recreations of 177 buildings from around Spain - basically a condensation of the entire country. The public liked it so much it wasn't demolished after the fair. Over time the museum also became an amusement park: concerts take place here, there are theatre shows and activities for children, an art gallery, etc.

Horta Labyrinth

Passeig del Castanyers 1

+34 (0)93 256 44 30

It was once considered the height of romanticism, but nowadays the 18th-century Horta Labyrinth Park mostly is a fun place for children. It's 820 yards of shrubbery, corridors and dead ends, leading to a statue of Eros in the middle. As a parent you can help your children get there (or get back out) because you're standing a bit above the labyrinth. The gardens as a whole are beautiful and relaxing.

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