5 intriguing abandoned places and empty spaces Barcelona

Gaudí metro station

Plaça de Gaudí

Metro stop Gaudí was built in 1968 but a change in plans regarding the metro lines caused it to never be used. Instead, metro stop Sagrada Familia was inaugurated. If you take the metro from Sagrada Familia to the next stop, Sant Pau/Dos de Maig, you'll see the platforms of the abandoned stop flash by.

The Maians island

Passeig d'Isabel II

Walking between the França railway station and Pla del Palau, you're actually walking on an island. Or what used to be an island, until the 15th century, when Barcelona decided it needed a bigger port. The island of Maians, little more than a breakwater used to unload ships, was swallowed by the city.


Avinguda de la Meridiana

Barcelona's Canódrome was the last Spanish greyhound racing circuit to be closed. The building (with its tear-shaped roof and vertical blinds) was too striking to just tear down, so after several other plans failed, it is now set to be a space for the creative industry.

Plaça del Fossar de les Moreres

Born district

There is something eerie about this square. It's too empty, compared to the rest of the neighbourhood. The spiky monument and the burning fire don't help. It's all very fitting, since this square used to be a cemetery and the monument keeps the memory alive of the men and women who died during the 1714 siege of Barcelona.

Abandoned Hospital del Tórax

Carretera BV-1274


The isolated Hospital del Tórax is where patients suffering from lung cancer, fibrosis and tuberculosis went to get treatment, from the 1950s to 1997. It was said the suicide rate was alarmingly high and satanic rituals were performed in the chapel. In 2004 the police arrested a young man who had stolen a foetus, conserved in formaldehyde, from the dilapidated hospital. Since its closure, three horror films gave been shot here.

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