The 5 best playgrounds in Stockholm

1) Mulle Meck-Parken

Mulle Meck, called Gary Gadget in English, is a Swedish children’s book and computer game character with his own themed playground in Solna, made of scrap. In addition to all the characters from Mulle Meck’s world, there is also a children’s library and Bagar-Birgit’s patisserie. They are only open in summertime.

Kid's playground at Mulle Meck-Parken

Mönstringsvägen 9, Solna

+46 (0)70 229 05 95

2) Rålambshovsparken Playground

This colourful, creative playground sparks children’s imagination. Popular fairy-tale characters hang from the trees, and there are tiny puzzles and educational decoration everywhere. The carpentry workshop where children can build and create using pipes, planks and sticks is very popular.

Ralambshovsparken playground

Smedsuddsvägen 6, Kungsholmen

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3) Anders Franzéns Park

It is not unusual for families to leave the frenetic city behind and visit Anders Franzéns Park in Hammarby Sjöstad. The playgrounds’ design was inspired by the old shipyard that used to be here and is named after Anders Franzén, the amateur naval archaeologist who discovered the wreck of the Vasa galleon.

playground at Anders Franzéns Park

Båtklubbsgatan 2, Hammarby Sjöstad

4) Bryggartäppan

An area hidden behind house façades and fences near Nytorget has been transformed into a miniature version of Södermalm, as featured in Per Anders Fogelström's classic novel City of My Dreams. Children can learn more about the old times, working with old tools in the smithy, or play hide-andseek in the textile factory.

Bryggartäppan playground in Stockholm

Bjurholmsgatan 1-A, Södermalm

5) Uggleparken

The locals call this playground Uggleparken, because of its 5,5-metre-high owl-shaped slides. With mushrooms and beetles for children to climb, and a maze in the shape of an anthill, the Danish architects of Monstrum created a sustainable wooden playground that is both challenging and alluring for kids of all ages.

big penguin sculpture at the Kristinebergs Slottspark

At: Kristinebergs Slottspark, Nordenflychtsvägen 22-C, Kungsholmen

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