5 lovely antiques and vintage shops in Barcelona

1) Muebles RAM

RAM furniture was originally a props shop for movies and used to only rent its ware; only things they had two pieces of were for sale. Now it welcomes the public to peruse its nostalgia-heavy wares: chrome chairs, 70s tables and sofas, radio sets and lamps.

outside Muebles RAM

2) Antique Boutique

Antique Boutique likes things in their original shape, sure, but the owners also have their own collection. It features a lot of metal, without turning really industrial. Their ‘Juliette Table’, for instance, is shiny and new, elegant and with an air of the boudoir about it.

Antique Boutique products

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3) Against

Against specialises in architect-designed furniture and decorative arts from the mid-20th century. Pieces are sold as near to their original condition as possible. The prices match the store’s ambition, which is only logical.

design chair Against

Carrer del Comte d’Urgell 47-51

+34 (0)93 301 54 52


4) Otranto

Otranto salvages the most beautiful pieces from houses that are getting demolished: handrails, toilets, ornamental pieces and even street lamps. If you think that’s not going to fit in your hand luggage, you should still visit the store for its incredible collection of mosaic tiles.

stack of tiles

5) L'Arca

Trousseaus, sheets, table linens and other antique textiles from the 18th to the 20th century, including antique wedding dresses. The store has its own workspace; there used to be a textile factory at the same location.

vintage dresses L'arca

Carrer dels Banyes Nous 20

+34 (0)93 302 15 98


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