The 5 hippest hipster bars in Barcelona

1) The Bike Club

You can have some quick repair work done on your bike here, while enjoying a coffee or a freshly squeezed juice. Even better, you can also rent bikes, and when you’re tired from exploring the city by bike, The Bike Club’s Korean-style tacos and Mexican burritos will pick you up in just a couple of minutes.

interior of Bike club in Barcelona

2) Cosmo

In the back this is an art gallery for young artists, in the front it’s a place to enjoy a salad, a freshly-squeezed juice (there are eight varieties) or a slice of cake. Expect lots of young people working on their Macbook or checking their iPhone.

Cosmo café

3) Bar Calders

Bar Calders is a small space with high ceilings, looking Catalan on the inside and looking more like southern Spain on its colourful patio. Order the homemade hummus and have a vermut; you may also be tempted to stick around for pizza. Calders was a Catalan poet, by the way.

Bar Calders

Carrer del Parlament 25

+34 (0)93 329 93 49

4) Marti Creative Café

Not every day is a holiday. If you’re in town for a meeting but you don’t want to take your clients or co-workers to a formal, fancy place, then this alternative bakery slash coffee shop slash snackbar is a good idea. It looks stylish on the outside, cosy on the inside and the smell will make it impossible not to enjoy some baked goods.

Marti Creative Café

Carrer de Roger de Lluria 51

+34 (0)93 488 35 48

5) Metric Market

An array of fruit juices for breakfast, inexpensive dishes for lunch (with lots of gluten-free options), cocktails in the evening, and concerts and DJ sessions at night: Metric Market is the complete package. The cuisine, blending Mediterranean and Asian flavours, is eclectic, the mood electric.

people having drinks at Metric Market


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