The 3 most important art galleries

1) 3 Punts Galeria

The art-lover will find it convenient that in Barcelona so many good galleries can be found in the same street. Walking uphill from Plaça Universitat, Galería 3 Punts is your first stop. Young and established artists get confronted with each other in the shows here (circa seven per year).

3 Punts Galeria

Carrer d’Enric Granados 21

+34 (0)93 451 23 48

2) ADN Galeria

Next up is adn galeria (that’s Spanish for dna), a gallery with a penchant for sociopolitically active young artists. It also wants to be a platform, inviting artists for performances and organizing talks about the links between art and society.

Carrer d’Enric Granados 49

+34 (0)93 451 00 64

3) Galeria Marlborough

The Marlborough gallery started in 1946 in London. Now they have galleries in Chile, Florida, Monaco and Barcelona (among other cities). Apart from a cutting-edge collection, they also boast a beautiful presentation place, bright and homely at the same time.

Galeria Marlborough


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