5 great places to drink on a budget Rome

Il Vinaietto

Via del Monte della Farina 38
+39 (0)6 6880 6989

This loveable vineria should be on everyone’s list, not just wine-lovers, but lovers of local colour. The clientele is a broad spectrum of Roman society, and the mood is always cheery. Afterall, with generous pours of quality wine at roughly 3 euros per glass, why wouldn’t it be?

Lettere Caffè

Via San Francesco a Ripa 100–101
+39 340 004 4154

One of the few locali in Trastevere to retain its bohemian aura, Lettere Caffè lives up to its name, offering a selection of subversive and anarchist literature in a small reading nook at the entrance, as well as beer, wine and cocktails throughout. There’s also live music. Joan Baez would feel at home.

Bar dei Bruti

Via dei Volsci 71–73
+39 (0)6 8901 3825

The ironic name – Bar of the Uglies – should say something about the sense of humour that permeates this college hangout. It’s also the kind of bar where you can spend hours and hours, reading a book or using the free Wi-Fi, even after you have finished your coffee, without getting the evil eye.

Shakespeare & Co.

Via dei Savorgnan 72
+39 333 360 0506

Tucked away in the timeless Certosa neighbourhood lies Shakespeare & Co., an enoteca-cum-bookstore. The owner is a sommelier with a passion for small publishing houses. In the back there’s a garden named Patio Maquez, after the writer who died the day this shop opened. A real treat.


Via delle Palme 76-A

This bar gets its name from a term in the Veneto region that means to drink several glasses. Indeed, the owners are from the Veneto region, and like all good Venetians, know how to mix a good Spritz, both with Aperol or Campari. The average price is 2,50 euros, which is refreshingly more Venetian than Roman as well.

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