5 places to buy special shoes & bags in The Hague

1) Boots By M

Every fashion-conscious person needs a striking pair of handmade western or cowboy boots in her or his closet! Boots by M sells the genuine stuff, such as Lucchese, the top-quality brand from Texas and worn by many celebs, and the richly decorated Old Gringo boots. Besides boots, this shop also offers leather belts, beautiful bags and purses, and many other accessories.

owner and street front of Boots by M store in The Hague

2) Reinhard Frans

The motto of this Dutch family-run business is ‘affordable luxury’. And they succeed, for at this shop you can buy handcrafted men’s shoes for a very reasonable price. The elegant shoes are made with high-quality calf-skin leather and are coloured by hand. Every pair is unique.

Reinhard Frans shoe store in The Hague


Sustainable, handmade and fashionable shoes. The colourful canvas sneakers with Peruvian patterns are made in Peru, the leather boots and sneakers are designed and manufactured in Portugal. MIPACHA, a Dutch brand, takes good care of its employees: one of its mottos is to put the well-being of its employees before the company’s profits.

Peru-inspired shoes from MIPACHA

Papestraat 7


4) De Rode Loper

Not exactly a place for the faint of heart; the shoes with bold and extravagant designs are sold to proud cosmopolitan wearers, who care for luxury and detail. Gucci, Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Isabel Marant, all the high-end international brands can be purchased here. For glamorous women and men.

high-end shoe store De Rode Loper in The Hague

5) O My Bag

O my goodness! This Dutch brand of divine leather bags for women and men does many great things for people and for the planet. They work with eco-friendly leather and cotton, pay fare wages to their employers in India, donate to charity, and do everything possible to reduce their carbon footprint. We need more brands like this!

The Hague brand store of O My Bag

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