The 5 most inspiring jewellery shops in The Hague

1) Liesbeth Busman

The energetic goldsmith Liesbeth Busman gets her inspiration from nature. Coral, twigs, wings, but also the vast landscape of the Kalahari Desert are reflected in her precious jewellery. She works with recycled silver and gold and uses conflict-free gemstones. Her impressive atelier in a historical building downtown makes a visit extra special.

Liesbeth Busman with her dog at her jewellery shop in The Hague

2) Laurie Hermeler

If you are looking for a beautiful one-off piece, Laurie Hermeler might be your goldsmith. At her cosy atelier/shop, she designs the most wonderful rings, earrings, and necklaces. She loves to turn old jewellery into something precious and new, and often works with unique gemstones.

window of Laurie Hermeler jewellery in The Hague

3) Galerie Guthschmidt

This gallery for contemporary jewellery and objects has about 30 Dutch and international designers on display, unique designers that use various techniques and materials. It offers for example gorgeous pieces in gold or silver by Ria Lins or Nicolette van Hattum, but also artful and striking items crafted using a lace-silicone technique by Tzuri Gueta.

shop interior of Galerie Guthschmidt in The Hague

4) Pepita d'Oro

In her studio/shop the talented and young goldsmith Rose creates wearable and trendy rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Many of the tools she uses, she inherited from her grandmother, who also was a goldsmith. Available in her bright little shop are her own label Charlierose, as well as some other affordable brands.

necklaces from Pepita d'Oro against a black background


Four jewellery designers under one roof. At this original studio/shop you can often see the goldsmiths at work. The four designers each have different styles, but they all turn gold, silver and gemstones into precious jewellery.

interior of OH DEAR Jewellery store

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