The 5 best spots for Indonesian food in The Hague

1) Toko Sawa

The Hague is famous for its small Indonesian eateries, an inheritance of the Dutch colonial past. At places like Sawa, you can either sit and enjoy a meal at one of the few tables, or order at the counter for take-out. Sawa is praised for its affordable fresh Javanese and Balinese dishes. Alcohol is not served here.

terrace and facade of Toko Sawa restaurant The Hague

Frederik Hendriklaan 250

+31 (0)70 3587000

2) Keraton Damai

This traditional restaurant with woodcarved wall panels serves enticing Indonesian dishes in an authentic East Javanese way. Order one of the rice tables (a combination of several small dishes), to get an impression of what this vibrant cuisine has to offer. It's a small and popular place, so book in advance!

window facade of Keraton Damai restaurant

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3) Toko Bali Mandera

This family-run business builds on the legacy of Mrs. Ming, who became famous for her Indonesian snacks. She still is the force in the kitchen of this popular neighbourhood toko. The dishes at Toko Bali Mandera are super fresh and tasty. Like in the old days, the rissoles and lempers of Mrs. Ming are still their speciality.

 Toko Bali Mandera in The Hague

4) Toko Menteng

Among the best tokos in the Netherlands. Their kitchen is inspired by the cuisine of Java, one of the many Indonesian islands. True to the traditions and working with the freshest produce they can find, Toko Menteng never disappoints.

window front of Toko Menteng

5) Dayang

Tiny toko, but big in taste, Dayang has turned out dishes from Sumatra since 1996. On the menu, you’ll find their specialities like Empek-Empek Kapal Selam, a fried fish fillet marinated in spicy sour sauce.

Window front and signage at Dayang restaurant in The Hague

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