5 exceptional places to explore nature in The Hague

1) Pier Heads of Scheveningen

The pier heads attract fishermen and birdwatchers. Mackerel, sea bass, sole can be caught here, while wading birds, oystercatchers, grey plovers, and sometimes even seals can be spotted. The southern ‘green’ pier head is the longest of the two and provides the most scenic views.

a man cycling on the Pier Head in Scheveningen


2) Zandmotor / Sand Motor

This peninsula near Kijkduin was created by man in 2011 to protect the vulnerable Dutch coast. A large amount of sand was dumped in front of the coastline. Scientists carefully monitor how the Sand Motor develops and research whether this innovative method for coastal protection will work.

artifical peninsula called the Sand Motor nearby the Hague

Suburbs South


3) Meijendel

When hiking or cycling in this gorgeous reserve between Scheveningen and Wassenaar, it’s hard to believe that the city is just a stone’s throw away. Dunes, lakes, forests, and the sea make this park the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle. The drinking water company Dunea provides several hiking and cycling routes.

Meijendel dunes nearby The Hague, Netherlands

at: De Tapuit (visitor centre), Meijendelseweg 40-42

+31 (0)88 347 48 49


4) Westduinpark

This nature reserve proves once more how green The Hague is! You’re close to the city, but, surrounded by nature and the sea, it feels like you are on vacation. Westduinpark has a diverse landscape with high dune tops, open white dune valleys, forests and shrubs. To preserve this variety, a herd of Scottish Highland cows graze here.

dunes against a blue sky at the Westduinpark in the Hague

Segbroek and Loosduinen


5) Solleveld & Hyacinth Forest Ockenburgh

Peaceful and hidden. The vulnerable old dune landscape of Solleveld, close to Kijkduin, can only be explored with a passe-partout, available at the drinking water company Dunea. Adjacent to this unique nature reserve, at country estate Ockenburgh, you’ll find the Hyacinth Forest which is open to public. In spring you will be dazzled by the scent and colour of the blue hyacinths.

Solleveld Ockenburgh nearby the Hague

park at: Monsterseweg 4


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