5 great activities for kids in The Hague

1) Omniversum

Kids love this cinema! The huge dome-shaped screen of the Omniversum lets you become part of the movie, which is quite a stunning experience. Most shows are educational movies about space and wildlife and last about an hour.

beach film screen at Omniversum The Hague

2) Haagse Boomtoppers

This recreational tree climbing event is a fun and safe activity for kids aged seven and over. The skilled instructors set up the climbing equipment in a park and supervise the kids. It’s both possible to join an organised climbing session (check Facebook) or to book a children’s party.

a child climbing a tree in the Hague

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3) Kooman's Poppentheater

This charming puppet theatre has been around since 1960. It’s a magical place where beautiful puppets come to life. The owner, Arjan Kooman, creates everything himself: the puppets, the decors, and the stories. His brother Joost Kooman composes the music. The performances are aimed at children aged 5 and up. In Dutch only.

puppet show from Kooman's Puppet theatre The Hague

4) Avonturia De Vogelkelder

This enormous pet shop (the largest in the Netherlands!) is also a mini theme park with many activities for kids. Let them feel like Indiana Jones in the mini zoo with dark caves, a temple, reptiles, spiders, and bats. You can also throw your kids’ birthday party here and let them do adventurous things like gold digging, holding a snake and even eating insects.

a blue and yellow parrot on the shoulder of a woman

Tal Maes

5) De Jutterskeet

The Hague has its own beach comber: Ome Jan (Uncle John). On Saturday and Sunday afternoon you can find him and his assistant Rob in a little shed filled with interesting finds close to Kijkduin Beach. Ome Jan is happy to teach you how to become a real beach comber yourself. You can hire a metal detector or a fishing net here.

shack Jutterskeet van Ome Jan in the Hague

behind hotel atlantic


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