5 classy shops for him in Rome

1) Gatsby Cafè

How about sipping on a coffee or a cocktail while shopping for a hat? Dive into the 1950s atmosphere of this charming bistro, a former hat shop called Venturini – it still bears the original neon sign upstairs, integrated in the decor. On the mezzanine floor, to the left, a small room displays a selection of designer hats.

entrance of Gatsby Caffè

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II 106

+39 (0)6 6933 9626


2) Machete Barber shop

A gleefully hipster barber shop, specialising in creative facial hair. The barbers are the best representation of the store: 20- and 30-somethings with mutton chops, wearing suspenders, with sleeves rolled up so as not to cover their ink. The old-timey interior and vintage chairs are a fun touch.

client at Machete barber shop

Roel Hendrickx

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3) Sartoria Scavelli

This tailor shop offers traditional elegance and originality in detail. Their custom shirts, suits and ties are cut and sewn by hand, and are made from the finest fabrics. Thanks to a partnership with Italian cobbler Cesare Firrao, Scavelli also offers bespoke handmade shoes.

men's suit from Sartoria Scavelli

4) Campomarzio70

Avant-garde colognes and experimental face lotions are just a few of the items you’ll find at this artistic perfume store, which is managed by the same family’s fourth generation. Brands include leading international names in the luxury perfume industry, and Italian niche brands such as the historic and iconic Xerjoff V, Casamorati, and I Profumi del Marmo.

beauty products at Campomarzio70

5) Alberto Valentini - Ricera

Alberto Valentini is known as the Salvador Dalì of ties, with styles ranging from fanciful designs inspired by Kandinsky, to elegant plaids and silks. His atelier, more Wunderkammer than store, is full of paintings, rugs and garments plucked from the belle époque. Valentini is also a full-service tailor.

store front of Alberto Valentini Ricera in Rome

Via di Tor di Nona 58

+39 339 774 8193

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