5 unusual bookshops in Rome

1) Giufà Library Coffee

A funky bookshop/cafe co-op, where you can enjoy a creative panino, while reading Vonnegut. This shop is a hub for the alternative intellectual crowd in the hip San Lorenzo neighbourhood, thanks in part to hosting ongoing events, such as author talks and readings.

store interior of Giufà Library Coffee

2) Otherwise Bookshop

This newly-opened independent English-language bookstore stocks thousands of volumes in two rooms, ranging from novels to non-fiction, from children’s books to graphic novels, from postcards to notebooks. It also regularly hosts events and meetings with authors and organises reading groups. It’s open quite late at night.

store interior of Otherwise Bookshop

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3) Libreria del Viaggiatore

A welcoming, charming place for anyone who loves to travel, this bookshop specialises in travel literature (in different languages), and anything that somehow relates with exploring the world, like maps, photo books, and atlases.

interior of Libreria del Viaggiatore in Rome

Via del Pellegrino 165

+39 (0)6 8350 3490

4) Il Museo del Louvre

A mix between a bookshop, an art gallery, and a wunderkammer, the Museo del Louvre is divided in two contiguous spaces: one for the antiques and collectible books, ex-libris, art catalogues, and postcards all dedicated to the historic avantguards of the 20th century, the other for photos. The archive comprises more than 140.000 prints, most of which are vintage.

owner of il museo del louvre inside the book store

5) Libreria Fahrenheit 451

There are still some gems left in the touristy Campo de’ Fiori. Libreria Fahrenheit 451 is one of them. Store owners are particularly proud of their books on photography and their rare books, which include a signed edition of Fahrenheit 451 dedicated to one of them, alongside other editions of Ray Bradbury’s dystopian masterpiece

books at Libreria Fahrenheit 451

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