5 cool restaurants with a terrace in Rome

1) Zuma Restaurant

Great sushi and Japanese-fusion. The sleek interior recalls its London roots. But the rooftop terrace brings you back to Rome, with views of the Spanish Steps and the immediate surroundings, one of the city’s top shopping areas. Hence the building hosting Zuma: Palazzo Fendi.

interior and decoration of Zuma restaurant in Rome

Via della Fontanella di Borghese 48

+39 (0)6 9926 6622


2) Caffè delle Arti

Attached to the side of the sprawling National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, the cafe is an oasis of food and refreshments in an area where such is hard to come by. The surrounding open spaces make its unobstructed terrace one of the most sun-drenched in town. Cuisine is classic Italian, including crisp salads. On hot days, stay inside the cool marble walls with the gorgeous statues and paintings flanking the tables.

restaurant terrace of Caffè Delle Arti

Via Antonio Gramsci 73

+39 (0)6 3265 1236

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3) Latteria Garbatella

Rarely an attractive terrace is below street level. But the Garbatella neighbourhood is full of surprises, and Latteria is one of them. It’s only been around since 2015, but it’s already winning accolades for its stellar aperitivo, wine and cocktails. The vintage decor and a well-stocked bar make it the perfect place to camp for the evening.

tables on the terrace of Latteria Garbatella

4) The Corner

This terrace garden could be mistaken for a greenhouse, winding its way around the entire restaurant, lounge and hotel at the centre of the property. Covered tables have their own gazebo, some with stained glass. In addition to the potted herbs, plants, and flowers, there’s a hanging garden.

Garden terrace at the Corner Rome

Viale Aventino 121

+39 (0)6 4559 7350

5) La Terrazza

La Terrazza has a view of the Colosseum. But what makes this terrace special is how it’s nuzzled into the surrounding Medieval landscape. You don’t tower over the nearby churches of San Clemente and Quattro Coronati; you feel welcomed by them at eye level, surrounded by the flowers that ring the terrace edge.

La Terrazza at Capo d'Africa hotel in Rome

at: Hotel Capo d'Africa, Via Capo d’Africa 54

+39 (0)6 772 801


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