5 of the most authentic places for Roman cuisine in Rome

1) Santo Palato

This trattoria specialises in Rome’s traditional ‘fifth quarter’ cuisine (i.e. offal). The rustic amuse-bouche – white pizza with mortadella (pizza bianca e mortazza) – is a classic, while their carbonara is considered one of the best in town. A good selection of natural wines. Daily specials posted on the wall.

a tasty spread of traditional Roman cuisine at Santo Palato

Piazza Tarquinia 4-A/B

+39 (0)6 7720 7354

2) La Tavernaccia

La Tavernaccia is nestled in perhaps the least touristy nook of otherwise tourist-trappy Trastevere. The pastas are meaty, cheesy, and rich, while second courses are slathered in traditional, tasty sauces. Surprisingly good service and wine.

cosy intertior of La Tavernaccia trattoria Rome

Via Giovanni da Castel Bolognese 63

+39 (0)6 581 2792


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3) Trattoria da Cesare

Da Cesare is a trattoria treasure box. Starters include perfectly fried fish, and ‘gnocchi nuggets’ with cheese and pepper sauce. Pastas are perfect. As for mains, Roman staples reign, such as braised oxtail, tripe with tomato and mint and fried lamb chops. The wine list is outstanding.

Italian cuisine from trattoria da Cesare in rome

4) Trattoria Perilli

One of the oldest trattorias in Rome, dating back to 1911, spanning four generations. Its location in Testaccio, the old meatpacking district, explains its devotion to Rome’s famous quinto quarto, or ‘fifth quarter’ of meat – offal. Nervetti (pickled cartilage), oxtail, tripe, and pork livers are mainstays, as well as other traditional Roman fare such as pasta alla carbonara, gricia, and cacio e pepe.

bright yellow facade of Trattoria Perilli in Rome

5) Piatto Romano

A one-stop restaurant for all that Testaccio has to offer, from the neighbourhood’s renowned offal dishes such as rigatoni alla pajata, coda alla vaccinara, and trippa alla romana, to some old-fashioned seasonal classics of Roman cuisine that have become hard to find, like soup with broccoli and ray.

simple restaurant interior of Piatto Romano

Via Giovanni Battista Bodoni 62

+39 06 6401 4447


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