5 must-go places for pizza in Rome

1) Seu Pizza Illuminati

To refer to pizza chef Daniele Seu’s pies as just ‘pizza’ is a bit of an understatement. His menu features three sections: ‘the staples’, ‘old school’, and a longer list, ‘Seu’, where he gives his creativity free rein. The appetizers include Gabriele Bonci’s bread with different types of extra virgin olive oil, and fried snacks.

fresh made pizza from Seu

Via Angelo Bargoni 10

+39 (0)6 588 3384

2) Sforno

Italian food magazine Agrodolce has dubbed it the best pizza in Rome. Ironically, there’s little that’s Roman about it. The crust is on the thick side – crispy on the outside, but chewy on the inside. But they make up for this regional deviation with distinctly Roman toppings, such as cacio e pepe (pecorino and black pepper).

interior of pizzeria Sforno

Via Statilio Ottato 110–116

+39 (0)6 7154 6118


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3) La Gatta Mangiona

Be sure to book ahead at Gatta Mangiona, a cat-themed trattoria that locals say has the best supplì in the city. They also do a mean focaccia alla genovese (with salt cod garbanzo paste) and excellent traditional pizzas. The long list of Italian and international craft beers is an added bonus.

pizza with broccoli from La Gata Mangiona

4) Pommidoro - Pizza e Fritti

Creative places like Pommidoro are what makes the Centocelle neighbourhood so exciting. Toppings range from the delicious to the unexpected: purple potatoes, beer gelatine and lemon zest are just a few. The fun spills over into other dishes, such as the gorgonzola and pear supplì. And Italians give English-speakers grief for putting pineapple on pizza?

food counter at Pommidoro

Via delle Acacie 1-A

+39 391 169 1322

5) Spiazzo

Follow the ramp below street level to this hidden gem of a pizzeria, perhaps Rome’s best to use an electric oven as opposed to a wood-fired one. That will lose it some points among purists, but it should earn some from those who are tired of pizza with burnt spots on the crust. Great craft beer on tap.

interior of Spiazzo restaurant

Via Antonio Pacinotti 83

+39 (0)6 556 2738

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