5 x Anna Scrigni's favourites in Rome

Rome - Anna Scrigni
Anna Scrigni

Hello, I’m Anna Scrigni. My hometown is Trieste, but I have lived in Rome for almost 10 years. I fell in love with this city from the moment I first set foot in it. I had never planned on living here, but often the roads we take lead us to totally unexpected places. In 2010, from one day to the next, I found myself living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world together with the man who would become my husband. After a while I got a dog, I got married, I had two babies. Today I work mainly as a content creator, I travel as much as possible and write about my adventures around the world on my blog and on my Instagram account @anna.scrigni.

All photos by Anna Scrigni. 

1) Hendrik Christian Andersen Museum

The house museum of the Norwegian-American sculptor Andersen, who lived in Rome between the late 1800s and the early 1900s, is a place I love very much. This is a fairly small and little-known museum in Rome. Inside, the space is divided between the ground floor, where the two ateliers of the artist are located, and the first floor, where he lived. The large studio, illuminated only by the natural light that filters through the skylight on the ceiling, is a magical place.

Rome - inside of Museo Hendrik Christian Andersen sculpture studio

2) Patisserie Le Levain

Definitely my favourite pastry shop in Rome. Actually, they don’t just do confectionery, but also boulangerie and French-style gastronomy. Come here if you want to taste buttery croissants baked to perfection, exceptional cakes and sweets or perfectly made macaroons. It's also a great place for a lunch break with baguettes and French toast. Whenever I come here, I order a Tarte au Citron or taste something new.

Rome - pastry in the counter at Le Levain

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3) Maxxi

Rome is an ancient city where there are very few examples of contemporary architecture. The Maxxi Museum is one of them. This building was designed by Zaha Hadid and I find its architecture fascinating. I often come here, not just for the interesting exhibitions, but also because the area surrounding the museum has over time become a place dedicated to children, with a playground where I often take my kids.

Rome - Maxxi Museum facade

4) Botanical Garden

A green oasis in the city centre. The Botanical Garden is located in Trastevere, one of the most central areas of Rome. It is a place to take a breath of fresh air, to take a break from the chaos of the city and walk along the tree-lined avenues. Inside you will find: a valley of palm trees, a rose garden, a small Japanese garden, a Mediterranean forest and, my personal favourite, a bamboo forest. Obviously, spring is the best time to visit, when the plants are in bloom, but autumn is also a special time.

Rome - Botanical Garden bamboo forest

Largo Cristina di Svezia 23 A - 24

+39 06 4991 7107


5) Pizzeria Giacomelli

If you want to eat real Roman pizza, Giacomelli's is the place to go. This pizzeria is just a few steps from my house and I come here at least once a week. The walls of the pizzeria are covered with photographs that show the owners and waiters in the company of famous actors, directors and singers who come here from time to time to eat one of the best pizzas in Rome. However, don't expect a particularly glamorous place: this family-run pizzeria has remained the same since it opened in the 1970s.

Rome - Pizzeria Giacomelli

Via Emilio Faà di Bruno 25

+39 06 372 5910

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