5 interesting art galleries in Berlin


Galerie EIGEN + ART emerged in the year 1983 as an unofficial gallery project in the private loft of Gerd Harry Lybke in Leipzig (GDR). After the Wall came down, he opened a gallery in the (back then still seedy) Auguststrasse where he represented and represents mostly artists from the so-called ‘New Leipzig School’.

art installation at Eigen + Art Gallery Berlin

2) Sammlung Boros

(on appointment only) This is a bunker with a typical Berlin history: it was constructed by the Nazis, then turned into a camp for prisoners of war by the Russians, and then used as a warehouse (where bananas were stored) before being turned into a famous hard-core techno club. Now the building hosts the exquisite private selection of contemporary art of Christian Boros. Check the website and make a reservation for a guided visit or you won’t get in!

Berlin - Sammlung Boros

Bunker Reinhardtstrasse 20, Mitte

+49 (0)30 2408 33300


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4) Potsdamer Strasse

The area around the Potsdamer Strasse seems to be becoming the new place to be for art lovers. The street has developed into a melting pot for contemporary art with already more than 30 galleries. If you need a coffee, try P103 Mischkonzern at number 103.

Berlin - Potsdamer Strasse - P103 Mischkonzern

Potsdamer Strasse, Tiergarten

5) Haus Am Waldsee

Although the House itself is much older, it was only launched as an exhibition space in 1946. Today it offers a platform for artists who live and work in Berlin and have already achieved significant international standing. There’s a particular emphasis on reaching out to the public, which is why there are also events like yoga lessons amidst the art, artist’s talks, etc. and there’s a nice cafe as well.

Berlin - Haus Am Waldsee

©Jörk Heijkal

Argentinische Allee 30, Zehlendorf

+49 (0)30 8018 935


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