The 5 most beautiful artist studios in Paris

1) Musée Eugène Delacroix

The Eugène Delacroix museum is in the painter’s house and studio, overlooking a delightful private garden. This intimate green oasis in the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés is a haven of tranquillity, as the artist originally hoped it would be. The flower beds, which have been reproduced from illustrations, are just as the artist originally wanted them to be and reflect his passion for nature. Benches invite visitors to enjoy the peace and quiet.

garden at Museé Eugène Delacroix

2) Fondation Dubuffet

Not many people know about this artist’s studio, which nevertheless is one of the most impressive studios in Paris. The artist Jean Dubuffet’s immense studio with a skylight is located in a private house at the end of an alley. Nowadays it is a permanent exhibition space, where the works of this painter, sculptor and visual artist and figurehead of the art brut movement are exhibited.

art at the Fondation Dubuffet

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3) Musée Bourdelle

This museum/workshop pays tribute to the life and work of the artist Antoine Bourdelle. Time seems to have stood still in this sculpture studio, only a short walk from Montparnasse. The stove, the large wooden table and the stools are still here. The atmosphere in this studio is unique and conducive to calm and meditation.

statues at Musée Bourdelle

4) Appartement-Atelier de Le Corbusier

Not many people know about the existence of La Corbusier’s apartment and studio. And yet you can visit the master’s home every Saturday by appointment. The discovery of this apartment which was entirely designed by the architect and where he lived until his death is both an intimate and an awe-inspiring experience. His favourite furniture and colours, proportions… they are all here.

Atelier Corbusier

5) Musée Gustave Moreau

The former studio of this symbolist painter occupied the second floor of his family home. Nowadays it is a museum. An impressive staircase connects the large room/studio with the third floor and its two small exhibition spaces. The red walls are covered from floor to ceiling with the artist’s paintings, creating a special atmosphere in this museum, similar to the one created by Gustave Moreau in the 19th century.

wooden room and stairs at Musée Gustave Moreau

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