The 5 most impressive tower buildings in Paris

1) Tour Albert

In 1959 the newspaper Le Figaro asked its readers ‘Would you like to live on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower?’ At the time the first inhabitants were moving into this unique skyscraper in Paris. The sixth floor terrace was decorated with a fresco by Jacques Lagrange, who among others designed the sets for Jacques Tati’s films. The building is named after its designer, architect Edouard Albert.

Tour Albert

Fred Romero

33 rue Croulebarbe

2) Tour Super-Italie

Also known as the round tower this 112-metre high building has been towering over the 13th Arrondissement since 1972. Thanks to the French architect Maurice Novarina the inhabitants have an indoor swimming pool and solarium on the top floor.

Tour Super-Italie

119-121 avenue d’Italie

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3) Tour First

This tower building, which was designed in 1974, was redesigned from 2007 to 2011, becoming one of the highest buildings in Paris. Since then it is the ‘weather girl’ of the business district at La Défense. The illumination of the building changes to indicate the next day’s weather: yellow to orange for sun, flickering if it will rain.

Tour First

1-2 place des Saisons

4) Flower Tower

This tower building embodies the desire for nature in the city. The architect, Édouard François, was inspired by traditional planters and designed a building decorated with giant flower pots with bamboo. The inhabitants are protected from the sun as a result. In order not to excessively burden the balconies the planters were made of fibre-reinforced concrete, a resistant and light material.

Flower Tower

23 rue Albert Roussel

5) Tour Totem

This tower building, which was built by the architects Michel Andrault and Pierre Parat, is a residential skyscraper with 207 apartments on 31 floors. Its structure is spectacular. The apartments are situated in the steel and glass cubes that are attached to a visible grid of four columns and 14-metre cantilevered beams.

view from below of the Tour Totem

57 quai de Grenelle

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