Countdown to spring: Beautiful parks for a sunny stroll

Finally spring is coming closer! The annual countdown has begun and the very first buds have started to pop up in our cities green areas. And when those buds start to bloom, these beautiful parks will become the place to be for a dose of sunshine after a long winter. 

Lovely parks in Copenhagen

The most beautiful parks near the city centre of Copenhagen.

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Green oases in New York

There are plenty of beautiful little oases in NYC. Discover Silvie Bonne's 5 tips for escaping the city within the city.

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Gorgeous gardens in Tokyo

Visit these beautiful green gardens for a breath of fresh air and a break from the busy streets in Tokyo.

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Lively parks in Barcelona

Have a little picnic or a fun boat ride in these lively city parks in Barcelona. Or find the city zoo at the far end of the park.

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Typical Berlin parks to discover

From a Japanese garden to an old railway, Berlin's parks are just as unique and interesting as the rest of the city.

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The best parks for a picnic in Paris

Pack some baguettes and French cheese and have a relaxed lunch at one of these beautiful parks in the City of Light.

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