The top 5 vinyl record stores in Toronto

1) Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom is a huge record store. They’ve got everything from brand-new releases to old records from the 1970s. They also have a collection of books on sale. If you’re a music lover, this is a place to visit. They take records and sound quality very seriously.

record store Sonic Boom in Spadina Avenue

2) Tiny Record Store

This place will purchase your entire record collection if you wish to sell it. They are smaller than Sonic Boom but just as knowledgeable. The store is neatly arranged, and it’s easy to find all your favourite artists. The staff is friendly and helpful.

vinyls at the wall at the Tiny Record Store in Toronto

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3) Rotate This

Rotate This has been open for over 25 years. Everyone who is into vinyl knows about this place. They carry all genres except country and classical. The staff love music and like to have fun. The vibe is obvious when you step into the store. You can also pick up tickets to local concerts here.

records displayed at Rotate This store in Toronto

186 Ossington Avenue

+1 416 504 8447

4) Kops Records

Kops Records is another giant in the Toronto record scene, with three locations throughout the city. They know their records and will buy and sell very carefully. The owner has been in the record business for over 40 years. He prides himself on the ethical buying and selling of records.

vinyls at display at Kops Records store

229 Queen Street West

+1 647 347 0095

5) Pandemonium

Pandemonium sells records, CDs, books, DVDs and art. The store has mostly used items. They are picky, so if you’re looking to sell some of your items, make sure you only bring pieces that are in really good condition.

records at pandemonium store in Toronto

2920 Dundas Street West

+1 416 769 5257

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