The top 5 modern buildings that make for great photographs in Toronto

1) Royal Ontario Museum

The ROM is a tourist hotspot, but with good reason. It’s a complex of several buildings, all with different architectural styles. Some hate the complex because of the newest addition, the giant crystal entrance. You’ll see what I mean: you either love it or hate it.

man sitting outside of the Royal Ontario Museum

2) Roy Thomson Hall

From the exterior, Roy Thomson Hall reminds a little of an alien spaceship. The curved glass-like exterior glows in the sun. It’s best to take photos of this building in the early morning or evening, as harsh light makes it difficult to photograph.

exterior glass dome of the Roy Thomson Hall
Jeff Hitchcock

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4) Ismaili Centre

The Ismaili Centre consists of a modern building, with a very pretty water feature right beside it. The grounds are lovely. This location is particularly good for anyone who likes to shoot night photography. The building glows with a warm light.

exterior of the Ismaili Centre in Toronto

5) Artscape Weston Common

The exterior of this building is all about colour. That’s what you’ll be here for if you visit: you’ll want to shoot the colourful façade. The area is a little gritty, but the brightness of this building makes everything much more interesting.

colourful exterior of the Artscape Weston Common

34 John Street

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