5 historic buildings in Toronto

1) Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre

This theatre is pretty unique. It’s a double-decker, the two stages were built one atop the other. Each platform is decorated differently and has its own personality. Constructed in 1913, the venues are filled with history. The organized tours are informative and reasonably priced. Cash only.

detailed view of the entrance at the Elgin and Winter Theatre garden centre Toronto

2) Commerce Court North Tower

Commerce Court is a very pretty spot. There are a fountain and sculptures, and going into the North Tower you get the chance to see some very beautiful art deco architecture. The ceiling of the banking hall is truly beautiful; it’s six storeys tall.

exterior of the Commerce court of Toronto

25 King Street West


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3) Union Station

Union Station is another art deco building located in the heart of Toronto. The main hall is huge, with arched ceilings and dim lighting. The front façade is quite pretty as well. The building is always under renovation, so be forewarned: your views may be partially blocked by scaffolding.

Union Station entrance hall

65 Front Street West


4) The Black Bull

The Black Bull is one of the oldest buildings in Toronto and the second-longest-running tavern in the city. The building has a lot of charm and was recently renovated due to a fire. The patio is a great spot to sit in summer.

exterior of the Black Bull pub in Toronto

298 Queen Street West

5) R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant

The water treatment centre is a true surprise. No one expects such a lavish art deco building for such a ‘dirty’ job. The ceilings are high, and there’s plenty of light that flows through the building. You won’t be able to visit the interior of the centre unless you are here during ‘Doors Open Toronto’ at the end of May. A walk around the exterior however is still a worthwhile effort.

R.C. Harris Water Treatment Plant
Richard Kang

2701 Queen Street East

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