The 5 most inspiring art galleries in Antwerp

1) Zeno X

Founded in a town house in Het Zuid, Zeno X gallery now occupies a converted industrial space in the edgy Borgerhout neighbourhood. Run by Frank Demaegd, it exhibits works by Belgian painters like Luc Tuymans, Michael Borremans and photographer Dirk Braeckman.

art displayed at the Zeno X Gallery

3) Tim Van Laere

Formerly based in a small town house, Tim van Laere moved in 2019 into a striking new gallery in the Nieuw Zuid district. Designed by OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen, the gallery is a brutal concrete building set next to the river with two gallery rooms lit by soft northern light.

concrete exterior of the new Tim Van Laere Gallery in Antwerp

4) Extra City Kunsthal

This art centre keeps moving. It started in 2004 in a condemned building out at the docks. Then it relocated to an industrial building in the north. Now it has settled into an abandoned laundry in the south. It stages edgy exhibitions by international artists in this remarkable space. The rugged industrial cafe was designed by the architects FVWW.

Extra city Kuntshal in Antwerp

5) Fifty One Fine Art Photography

Gallery owner Roger Szmulewicz devotes his striking white exhibition space to Belgian and international photography. Ranked as one of the ten best photo galleries in the world, it exhibits classic American photographers such as Andre Kertesz and Saul Leiter as well as contemporary European, Japanese and African photographers.

Fifty One Fine Art Photography

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