The 5 most impressive towers in Antwerp

1) Cathedral

The north spire of Antwerp Cathedral slowly rose above the city’s rooftops between 1420 and 1518. The architect designed the upper sections in a beautiful Brabant Gothic style, creating the tallest spire in the Low Countries, at 123 metres. Concerts are played on the carillon in the tower every Sunday, from May to September, from 3 pm to 4 pm. You can also catch evening concerts in July and August, on Mondays from 8 pm to 9 pm.

ground view of the Cathedral in Antwerp
Nigel Swales


2) KBC bank tower

Built from 1929 to 1932, the KBC bank tower, called the Boerentoren (Farmer’s tower), was Europe’s first skyscraper, constructed like the skyscrapers of Manhattan around a steel skeleton. Designed in art deco style, the tower was originally 87,5 metres high, but gained an additional 10 metres in 1976.

KBC bank tower

Eiermarkt 20

3) Oudaan police tower

The brutal grey concrete tower looming over Antwerp’s fashion district was built in the 1960s by the Belgian modernist Renaat Braem. Some people love it. Others find it an eyesore. It is now occupied by Antwerp’s police headquarters. You can visit the 12th floor, but only by booking a group tour.

bottom view from the Oudaan Police tower in Antwerp

Oudaan 5

4) Den Bell

Originally built for the Bell Telephone Company in 1958, this is a striking example of Belgian modernism. Now this 12-floor building houses the city administration. The interior is worth a glance, especially to see the spectacular curved staircase that rises through the building.

spiralling staircase at Den Bell Antwerp

Francis Wellesplein 1

5) Pagadder Tower

The tall brick tower that rises above the old stock exchange building dates from the 16th century. Originally a lookout tower, it takes its name from the pagadders, or children, who were sent to the top to spot ships arriving in the port.

Pagadder Tower
Mark Ahsmann

Hofstraat 15

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