5 memorable bookstores Barcelona

La Central

C/ de Mallorca 237

+34 900 802 109


There are several La Central stores across twon, but we're recommending this one because of its pleasant cafe upstairs, with a terrace and excellent pastries. The ground floor has a more than decent English literature section. All the other sections (art, philosophy, science, history, will have a fair selection of English-language books scattered among the Spanish ones, so do browse: La Central is the most complete bookstore in town.


Carrer d'Ali Bei 10

+34 (0)93 265 80 05


Three stores for the price of one. From left to right: a store with books on movies plus a collection of black & white and weird movies; a comic book and graphic novel store; and a bookstore about every thinkable kind of design and the art of tattoos.


C/ de Montalegre 5

+34 (0)93 481 38 86


The Centre for Contemporary Culture has a singular bookstore: it specializes in art, philosophy, graphic novels and hard-to-find magazines. Don't buy novels here: the literature section is too small for that. You can also find dozens, possibly hundreds of quirky items here, from robot penholders to ice cubes in the shape of 80s videogames characters. Highbrow and quirky, all in one.


Carrer de Verdi 12

+34 (0)93 217 66 21


This Gràcia bookstore is located almost right next Cinema Verdi, which explais why it has so many books about movies and, to a lesser degree, about theatre. There's a big selection of Spanish-language literature in affordable pocket editions and a second-hand section in the back. Loveable.

Come in - Libreria Inglesa

C/ de Balmes 129bis

+34 (0)93 453 12 04


Best English bookstore in town (not that there's a lot of competition in that field), with literature, art, children's books, teaching books, dictionaries and board games.

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