Tanja Paar Meet the author Vienna

Tanja Paar, photo by Pamela Russmann
Tanja Paar, photo by Pamela Russmann

Tanja Paar is a freelance writer and journalist. In February 2018 her first novel, Die Unversehrten, was published. Tanja has lived in various corners of Vienna and now calls Leopoldstadt her home, the historic Mazzesinsel between the Donaukanal and the Donau. She loves to explore the city by bike; she also enjoys hiking in the green hills and woods around the town.

"The people of Vienna have a strange sense of humour; don't feel offended by it!"

Tanja Paar

What Tanja loves most about Vienna:

"The people of Vienna have a very strange sense of humour. As a visitor, you might frown and think of the Viennese as either very dry, or a bit vulgar. Don't be offended, they don't mean it; in fact, the Viennese sense of humour is something I've learned to cherish."

Tanja's perfect day in the city might look like this:

"I'd start with a morning bike ride to Karmelitermarkt and enjoy the beauty of the colourful farmers market; every Saturday morning local farmers sell their produce here till 1 pm. Then I'd head for brunch at Schöne Perle, famous for its yummy Wiener Schnitzel.

For a the perfect relaxing afternoon I can recommend stopping by Lhotzkys Literatur Buffet, to buy some books and have a coffee. Then I'd continue to Wiener Prater: it's no hidden secret of course, but nevertheless a wonderful place - I feel lucky living so close-by. I like to just stroll around, but I might also enjoy a ride in the Wiener Riesenrad at the Würstelprater.

Last but not least, I would stop by Supersense - a bar, a cafe and a concept store in one - and have a Polaroid photo taken as a souvenir of this perfect day."