Meet the author Vendula Havlikova in Prague

Prague - Vendula Havlikova
Vendula Havlikova

Vendula Havlikova spent the most vibrant years of her young life in Prague - studying. Before graduating in journalism, every weekend she’d roam around the city with her camera discovering each and every corner by herself. Prague became a second home, visited still so frequently on what the author calls 'homecations', making her a very interesting author for The 500 Hidden Secrets of Prague. Next to her full-time job in Brussels, Vendula is an aspiring writer and a freelance journalist contributing to various internet journals about lifestyle, travel and politics. 

What Vendula loves most about Prague

"I love that everything in Prague is set against a spectacular backdrop of contrasting architectural styles, taking form over the centuries and left almost untouched by the two world wars. This, combined with lots of lush greenery and extremely efficient public transport, makes the Czech capital both a great place to live in and a great city trip destination."

"The Czech capital is both a great place to live in and a great city trip destination."

Vendula’s perfect day in the city might look like this

"A perfect day has to start with a hearty breakfast. In Café Lounge I would order three eggs in a glass, like the main character of a famous pre-war comedy, then walk through Seminarska Garden to the Castle or along the River on Kampa Island to see how the peacocks in Vojanovy Sady are doing."

people walking around at Naplavka
Náplavka Embankment

"Afterwards I would certainly treat myself to a Sarah Bernhardt chocolate mousse cake from Mansson’s bakery and eat it while roaming around the forgotten quaint streets of the Old Town leading to Haštalské square

Then I would head out to see an exhibition in DOX, Rudolfinum or one of the small galleries to discover new talent. In the evening I would have a drink with my friends at Náplavka embankment, watch the sun set over the River and hope for a concert on the (A)void old cargo ship."