5 secret speakeasy bars in San Francisco

1) Hideout

Perhaps you’re over the Mission crowds and looking for a quiet spot to retreat for a drink? Find Dalva, head towards the back and step into the Hideout. It’s intimate, dimly lit and a perfect bar for beer and craft cocktails with no more than a friend or two.

San Francisco - Hideout at Dalva

2) Marianne's

Book ahead to access this small hidden bar named after Mick Jagger’s famous ex, Marianne Faithfull. The decor is inspired by her 60s bohemian style with ambient music and card games to entertain you. Cocktails have names like ‘Honey Bang Me Sloe’ and ‘Sticky Fingers’ which can be ordered as individuals or as a ‘commune’ for six.

San Francisco - Marianne's

At: The Cavalier, 360 Jessie Street

+1 415 321 6000


3) Linden Room

The entrance is down an alley with an unmarked door – bit hard to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s tied to Nightbird restaurant to help guide you a bit. Once in, it seats no more than a dozen people and offers just a few well-crafted cocktails.

San Francisco - Linden Room

4) The Remedie Room

Go see the ‘doctors’ for apothecary-inspired remedies in the hidden room below The Devil’s Acre. Libations and elixirs have been expertly crafted to help you celebrate or cure your troubles. It’s open Friday and Saturday evenings and seats at most 30 people.

San Francisco - The Remedie Room

5) Bourbon & Branch / Wilson and Wilson Private Detective Agency

Make a reservation to get the password to enter this establishment tucked away in the Tenderloin. Once in, you’ll be greeted and seated in one of the ‘secret’ booth rooms to begin your cocktail experience. If you don’t have a reservation, you can enter around the corner to access their public bar called The Library.

interior of cocktail bar Bourbon & Branch

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