5 artful stairways in San Francisco

1) 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

A beautiful mosaic runs along these 163 steps. It depicts life in the sea all the way up to the solar universe. Artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher concepted the idea and neighbors joined to help and sponsor tiles within the mosaic. Start from the bottom, then enjoy the city view at the top.

San Francisco - 16th avenue tiled steps

Moraga Street (between 15th and 16th Avenue)

https://16thavenuetiled steps.com

2) Flights of Fancy

This 87-step staircase is a dedication to Dr. Arelious Walker, a former pastor and advocate of this neighborhood. The intricate design features textile and ceramic designs from various cultures, like cloth from Ghana, Native American pottery, and woven patterns from Central America and the Middle East.

San Francisco - Flights of Fancy Aurelious Walker

Innes Avenue

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3) Lincoln Park Steps

A spectacular beaux-arts-inspired installation designed by local artist Aileen Barr. Previously it was a neglected stairwell and now it’s something folks can enjoy for years to come. It’s quiet and peaceful and close by are great attractions, like the Legion of Honor, Sutro Baths and Land’s End.

Lincol Park Steps in San Francisco

Leslie Santarina

California Street and 32nd Avenue


4) Lyon Street Steps

Walk up or down these two perfectly-landscaped stairwells passing the most exclusive, multi-million-dollar homes of the city. In the middle is one of many heart sculptures displayed around the city. If you start from the bottom and reach the top, you’ll also be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the city.

San Francisco - Lyon Street Steps

Lyon and Green Streets

5) Hidden Garden Steps

This long stairwell is a tile mosaic of a bright flora garden and the little creatures that inhabit it, including snails and butterflies. The bench at the bottom of the stairs is also painted. Nearby are the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps, so you can squeeze both in one visit.

San Francisco - Hidden Garden Steps

1515 16th Avenue (between Kirkham and Lawton Street)

+1 415 621 3260


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