5 x Natasha Husein's favourite spots in New York

Natasha Husein in New York
Natasha Husein

Natasha is a Senior Brand Marketing Manager that lives in New York City with her cocker spaniel puppy, Madison (named after Madison Avenue). Even after 14 years of living in the city, she still finds joy in exploring the five boroughs and discovering new hidden gems. Some of her favorite places are tucked-away gardens, cafes, hidden backyards in restaurants, cozy bookstores and the French impressionist wings at art museums. If she wasn’t doing marketing, she’d love to be an art student in Paris or running a children’s art program at a summer camp. You can find her on Instagram at @natashahusein as she continues to capture beautiful moments in New York and beyond.


1) Jefferson Market Garden

It took me at least 6 years of living in New York to discover this beauty. Jefferson Market Garden is a beautifully manicured plot of land on the border between Greenwich Village and West Village. Free to the public, local volunteers do the gardening and upkeep, changing the flowers in each season. Every time I walk by, I’m compelled to go in and stroll through the winding paths, sit on the bench for a moment, and appreciate the flowers. You could spend 5 minutes or an hour, but regardless, it’s a peaceful little haven in the middle of hectic NYC.

New York - Jefferson Market Garden

© Natasha Husein

2) Palma

Palma is one of my favorite restaurants because 1) it’s objectively beautiful, 2) the food is amazing and 3) there are so many hidden spaces within the restaurant and this combination makes it simply magical. Palma has real fresh flowers everywhere and is decorated in a way that makes you think you’ve stepped into the most gorgeous Italian countryside home. The pasta is delightful and no matter where you end up sitting, you’ll feel transported. Great for birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers. I would come here every week if I could.

Terrace at Palma restaurant NYC

© Natasha Husein

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3) Grove Court

Grove Court is one of those places that seems like it’s out of a fairytale book. Located across the street from the famous Friends apartment building, it’s a tiny courtyard surrounded by charming little apartments (whoever gets to live here is so lucky). Typically, you can only peek through the iron gate into the courtyard (I’ve never been inside), but it’s still wonderful to get a glimpse of old New York and imagine what it must’ve been like for the people living there in the 1800’s.

Grove Court in New York

© Natasha Husein

Grove Street

4) Colonia Verde

Colonia Verde is one of my favorite restaurants in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. Located on a popular street for dining and bars, it’s nondescript from the outside. However, when you step down the stairs into the bar area, it feels like you’ve been transported right to rural Mexico. The surprises keep coming as you walk past the bar area into a greenhouse and then onto a back patio with the cutest little garden area. I love the atmosphere, food, and vibes here. On Sundays in the Summer they have dance parties and it truly is a unique Brooklyn experience.

Interior and greenhouse of Colonia Verde Restaurant in Brooklyn

© Natasha Husein

219 DeKalb Avenue, Brooklyn

+1 347 689 4287


5) East 70th Street

East 70th Street between Lexington and Park Ave has got to be one of the prettiest blocks in Manhattan (my other favorite is West 10th between 5th and 6th Aves.) The street has some of the most gorgeous mansions and a cute little home decor / oddities store called Creel and Gow. Grab a coffee at the nearby Corrado Pastry Shop, and stroll down the street to enjoy a peaceful moment. Walking that street in any season just makes me so happy.

Creel and Gow at East 70th Street

© Natasha Husein

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