5 old-time dives in Miami

1) Mac's Club Deuce

Owned and run by Mac Klein from 1964 until his death at 101 in 2016, Miami’s oldest bar has received a lot of attention since its earlier days. Still, you’ll find no muddled cocktails or craft beer. Open 8 am to 5 am seven days a week, with 2-4-1 happy hour from 8 am to 5 pm.

front side of Mac's Club Deuce bar in Miami

Valerie Sands

222 14th Street, South Beach

+1 305 531 6200


2) Corbett's Sports Bar & Grill

When you’re in the mood for darts and 50 cent ‘special grilled’ wings, or a few bottles of beer and watching the basketball game on one of the 18 televisions, this is the place. Cheap drink specials and events like Ladies Night, Live Trivia and Karaoke. Lots of regulars tend to gawk at strangers.

grilled chicken wings and vegetables at Corbett's Sports Bar & Grill

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3) Keg South

Open since the 1960s, this institution is famous for its burgers, its wings and, of course, its beer, as the name suggests. A very casual hangout for families, college students and sports fans. Not grimy, but good and dive-y.

different beer taps in Keg South bar in Miami

10417 S Dixie Highway, Pinecrest

+1 305 284 9296


4) Happy's Stork Lounge Liquor Store

A mixture of native hipsters and oldtimers frequent this basic lounge, which you could easily dismiss if you didn’t know better. Great for basic drinks, domestic beers, a game on the television and cheerful drunks. Eat before you come unless you can subsist on nuts, chips and booze. Open from 11.30 am until 5 am.

street frond of Happy's Stork Lounge and liquor store

1872 79th Street, North Bay Village

+1 305 865 3621


5) Ted's Hideaway

One of the few remaining places in South Beach where you don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not. Grab a few drinks and watch the game with friends or by yourself. Don’t dress or wear cosmetics. Don’t even shower. No one here cares. Open noon to 5 am daily.

pink neon sign of Ted's Hideaway Miami

124 2nd Street, South Beach

+1 305 532 9869


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