Magical mews in Nostalgic London

1) Bathurst Mews

There’s something incredibly nostalgic about London’s mews streets. Now super-desirable places to live, the neat terraces and courtyards used to be stables and servants’ quarters that served London’s large houses. Bathurst Mews, with its cobbles and cute, cookie-cutter homes, is no exception. What makes this spot stand out from the rest is the fact that it’s still home to horses. Hyde Park Stables run horse riding lessons from Bathurst Mews, taking riders out into nearby Hyde Park and often along Rotten Row, which has been a popular place to trot since the 18th century.

Bathurst Mews at Hyde Park
Mike Quinn

2) Holland Park Mews

It might have been designed in 1860 as a service street, but Holland Park Mews is pretty grand by today’s standards. The rows of houses on either side of the road, with petite proportions and matching iron railed balconies, are Grade II-listed thanks to their ‘unusual design’ and ‘picturesqueness’, while the entrance to the mews is marked by a huge stone archway.

Holland Park Mews
Alan Stanton

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3) St Luke's Mews

The colourful section of buildings between All Saints and St Luke’s roads are a charming example of a well-preserved, historic London mews, just a few minutes’ walk from Portobello Road. Think you recognise it? That’ll be because the street starred in Richard Curtis’s movie Love Actually.

St Lukes Mews in Nothing Hill
Chris Wood

4) Kynance Mews

This might just be the prettiest mews street in the capital. Originating in the 1860s, it’s a popular spot with visitors after a perfect snap, and it’s easy to see why. The cobbled street is accessed through three protected, stucco arches while buildings are draped in trailing greenery – bold, red leaves in autumn and, in spring, abundantly blooming wisteria.

Kynance Mews in London

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