5 unusual places to sleep in London

1) Stow-Away

Centrally located near Waterloo Station, Stow-Away is an aparthotel constructed from stacks of 26 repurposed shipping containers. The simple but stylishly designed rooms offer good value and include a kitchenette and en-suite bathroom. The ground floor is home to a wine bar and pop-up restaurant.

room interior of Stow-away hotel in London

2) 40 Winks

Renowned interior designer David Carter invites you to enjoy 40 Winks at his own residence, a ‘micro-boutique’ hotel with only two rooms. Entering his historic 1717 house near Stepney Green in east London is to encounter a magical atmosphere, each room having its own distinctive, unique character.

interior of a room at 40 Winks

3) Gir Lion Lodge

Ever fancied a sleepover at the zoo? Well now it’s possible to stay within roaring distance of the asiatic lions (and other animals) at London Zoo in one of nine colourful Gujarati-style wooden lodges. The unique experience includes torchlight and early morning tours complete with animal interactions.

room at Gir Lion Lodge

4) Good Hotel

This large floating hotel in the Docklands was a Dutch detention centre before it crossed the channel. On the trip over it gained smart industrial interiors, cosy cabin-like rooms, a roof terrace garden with a bar, and a relaxed communal vibe. Reasonably priced, the Good Hotel works with the local community to train the unemployed.

exterior of floating Good Hotel

5) The Georgian House

Remarkably, the Landmark Trust rents out an apartment within the grounds of the Hampton Court Palace residence of King Henry VIII, in an imposing and elegant 1719 brick house that was once the Prince of Wales’s kitchen. Guests are free to walk the extensive and magnificent gardens and courtyards, and will glimpse Palace life beyond the public’s gaze.

interior or the Geogrian House

at: Hampton Court Palace, Molesey




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